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We run, and Sumisho Urban development (called "us" as follows) manages our site. When "https://terracemall.com/matsudo/" sees belonging site, we hope that you can use instructions listed below after the observance.

When you establish the use condition in each content in our site separately, please use based on condition. When customer uses our site, it should be thing which had you agree to all Terms of Use. In addition, please confirm contents each use as our site and each link site may change Terms of Use as needed.


We receive licensing from the person concerned, and right about all contents listed in our site uses so that we belong to us, or we use only in our site. Therefore, in all of publication contents, we prohibit all of act to perform those reproduction, reproductions, print, distribution, broadcast, public transmission, translation, sale, loans without permission. In addition, design element, the appearance of our site and structure of information are protected by various laws including Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Trademarks Act and prohibit reproduction, imitation regardless of technique and form.


About various information providing in our site, we pay attention to customer so that fu*songai, disadvantage does not occur. However, we do not guarantee absoluteness about the contents and do not take any responsibility for the damage, disadvantage that customer occurred by action taken based on the information concerned.


We take the following information security measures in our site, but do not take any responsibility for all damage, disadvantages such as software which we produced by the use of our site, accident on hardware, infection of computer virus, loss, damage of data by any chance.

  • 1) Software to prevent unauthorized access, measures (fire walls) of hardware
  • 2) Foresight of crisis by storage of access record and periodical analysis
  • 3) Intrusion Detection System
  • 4) Is carried out safe monitoring of the system 24 hours a day, every day


We do not take any responsibility about the damage, disadvantage by customers which we produced by the use of our site or customer and trouble that we produced between third parties.


Our site changes addition such as site contents, address without any prior notice, abolished; stopping; may perform. In addition, we may perform interruption of all or part of our site or cancellation by natural calamity in heaven and earth and outbreak of system failure and site maintenance work. About the damage that we produced by these addition, change, abolition, interruption or cancellation, we do not take any responsibility.


We may not obtain personal information of customer only by having read our site. In the following cases, we will obtain personal information that customer is input into by predetermined screen.

  • 1) When E-mail delivery service from us is hoped for customer
  • 2) When detailed explanation was demanded about our services of our site customer
  • 3) When offer of our products, service was proposed customer by our site top
  • 4) When, in addition, customer did inquiry in us
Please read privacy policy about the handling of personal information.


You become able to link from some contents of our site to other websites to have you obtain information thought to be use for customer. As we do not run linked site, about safe securing of personal information of customer, please understand as our company cannot take responsibility.


When link to our site is hoped for, please connect with terrace mall Matsudo information. But I may decline link when contents, pink content, we against public order and morals or we including homepage including contents to slander links of our site, and to slander judge link with inadequacy.

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We use service "Google Analytics" of Google combination company to analyze the access situation to this website by user.

We collect access information of user based on Cookie issued from this website by "Google Analytics". Cookie means file and information that are saved on the computer (or Internet connection apparatuses such as smartphone or tablet) of user when user accessed this website. Contents enabling personal identification are not included in collected information.

We use collection, analysis of access information of customer who went based on Cookie as reference materials to provide suitable service by interest and needs of customer. When the acquisition of information by "Google Analytics" wants to be stopped, please carry out nullification (opto-out) according to procedure of the following sites.

About opto-out:

In addition, information that Google combination company acquired is managed based on privacy policy of Google combination company by Google combination company.

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