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If opinion has any questions, about terrace mall Matsudo, please approach to the following.
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When you use this service, it is necessary to let Sumisho Urban development know about customer information. Please input information into following specialty input screen after agreement for the following privacy policies.

About personal information that we acquire this news through this site and hold, we explain the use purpose, the handling of personal information according to laws and ordinances about personal information protection. About personal information to hold in commercial facilities which we run, look at site of each facility.

1. Our posture for personal information protection

We set "privacy policy" "official regulations about personal information protection" and will carry us out to secure this in deference to idea of laws and ordinances about personal information. In addition, it deals with personal information under the management of personal information protection manager (managing director) appropriately.

2. Main personal information and use purpose that we hold

Main personal information and use purposes that we hold are as follows.

Type of personal information The use purpose
Administration duties, store branch, inquiry information about each facility
Answer to each inquiry
Adoption applicant information
Notification about adoption, selection
Information to be given in trust by administration administrative task
For member management, store management, event management
3. Offer to third party of personal information of our possession, the joint use

When we use personal information that we hold jointly, we take necessary measures separately. In addition, we do not do offer to third party of personal information. When it is necessary to offer personal information to third party, we take necessary measures separately.

4. Protective measure of personal information of our possession

For our officer, person concerned to engage in employee or other duties, we perform education for personal information protection and will manage personal information of our possession severely.

5. Outside trust about privacy policy of our possession

When we entrust with the privacy policy outside that we hold, we make a necessary contract and perform management, supervision.

6. Reference about personal information

Personal information that we hold can do confirmation, correction, deletion, suspension only for information of the person. When you want confirmation, correction, deletion, suspension of personal information, please contact the following "inquiry window". In addition, please show copy of mention of contents you like and identity verification documents with style that we appoint as needed.

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Sumisho Urban development duties Management Department personal information charge
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