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2020.02.23 - 2020.02.23

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The date and time: Sunday, February 23, 2020 ① 11:00 -② 15:00 ...

Place: 2F komorebi stage

■Reference about event
 J: COM-free corduroy 0120-999-000 (open throughout the year)
 From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


■To customer coming to this event
Preventive measures against infection nitsuite of new model coronavirus

Information for following copes with customer having you participate in event in terrace mall Matsudo and the event staff to prevent infection spread with outbreak of new coronavirus.
For your hygiene management, consideration to security, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

... to ask for of cooperation of ... infection prophylaxis
■Before and after event participation, please carry out gargle, hand-washing strictly as much as possible.
■As you will offer alcohol antiseptic solution in event site, please use.
■Please cooperate to have you cover mouth and nose with wearing of mask or tissue handkerchief by all means and look after etiquette when a cough, sneezing come out.
■Please cooperate by participation with person without symptom in particular wearing mask as much as possible.
■The event staff, guard may be engaged in duties on mask wearing, too. Please understand.
■On the day person with anxiety kindly asks physical condition not to do participation that we overdo it.
■When we have symptoms such as fever, a cough, pantalgia, we contact medical institution before visit by all means and would appreciate your having a medical examination with appointed medical institution by any chance.

Q&A site about Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare new model coronavirus

Q&A site about Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare new model coronavirus

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