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SUPER FANTASY special free live & privilege society holding!

2020.01.25 - 2020.01.25

SUPER FANTASY special free live & privilege society holding!

Totally new entertainment project to jump into the world of fairy tale, and to go to to meet happy ending.
 We make our debut on February 2, 2017 and perform periodical live in exclusive theater of Akasaka on every Sunday.
 Is led to music of different three, you are ... now to the world of fairy tale, too.

[schedule] Saturday, January 25, 2020
[venue] Terrace mall Matsudo 2F komorebi stage
   (address: 2-8-1, Hachigasaki, Matsudo-shi, Chiba)

[time] 14:00 -/17:00 ... (twice performance)
12:00 CD beginning to sell/priority admission ticket distribution (it becomes distribution in reference number random)
The 13:45 opening
14:00 mini-live start
14:30 privilege party start ※It is finished as soon as line breaks off.

The 16:45 opening
17:00 mini-live start
17:30 privilege party start ※It is finished as soon as line breaks off.

[appearance] SUPER FANTASY
[targeted for participation] Viewing-free
※Privilege society: The CD purchase
・Mini-live & privilege society 

[event participation method]
Target product following in the day of the event, CD sale special booth (CD beginning to sell time 12:00) of the neighborhood of terrace mall Matsudo 2F komorebi stage toward the purchase,
 I hand "admission ticket given priority to mini-live" by the first arrival. (reference number is distribution in random)
 It becomes handing over by each one piece of part toward the purchase either part, two pieces or more toward one piece of purchase.
 We start entrance given priority 15 minutes before all parts start, and it is viewing Flea after the entrance completion given priority.
 *"Priority admission ticket" has a limit to number. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
 *Handing over of "priority admission ticket" becomes to each one piece of part in 1 cashier.

[about the purchase of CD]
*It is said that sale is only cash. Please note that various credit cards, reward cards, gold notes, electronic money, coupons are not available.
*We cannot accept contents change, cancellation, refund after the check at all.
*It should be quality goods exchange on poor product outbreak.

[about privilege society]
In the case of the CD purchase, I hand virtual currency (tasy) according to purchased amount. In the case of privilege society, bring to receptionist in venue.
・It is 50tasy per 1,000-1,999 yen
・It is 100tasy per 2,000-2,999 yen
・It is 200tasy ← some profit per 3,000-3,999 yen!
As virtual currency (tasy) cannot reissue any reason, please be careful about loss or theft.

*100tasy → One piece of 2 shottochieki shooting
*200tasy → Two pieces of 2 shottochieki shooting

※Please refrain from up to SNS such as checks that we filmed in privilege society.
※Receptionist of privilege society would like the participating person. Receptionist of substitute person is not expected.

[product targeted for event]

Sale date: Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Title: "The Little Mermaid"
・Normal board FVSF-1804 1,389+ yen tax

Sale date: Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Title: "KAGUYA"
・Normal board POCS-1770 1,852+ yen tax
・HEROES board POCS-9187 1,852+ yen tax
・VILLAINS board POCS-9188 1,852+ yen tax

[instructions about event]
・We prohibit recording, recording, shooting of this event.
・As tasy and priority admission ticket do not reissue any reason, please be careful.
・We should prohibit standing in line by vigil in the neighborhood of venue, place collecting. I may decline participation in event when it is found out.
・Please obey instructions of the staff by all means in venue. When we are not protected, not only we cannot participate in event, but also the event may be called off.
 Sponsor, venue, performer does not take any responsibility on this occasion.
・Bench or rest room in facilities are joint ownership space. Please use in spite of being customers mutual concessions.
・On the day of the event, coverage, taking picture of media media may enter. In addition, for record use and (official SNS) to disseminate information of,
 The staff may photograph picture, photograph.
・In the case of event cancellation, postponement, it is facilities, sponsor about compensation such as the travel expenses, loss, accident of article of customer in event site
 We cannot take responsibility at all.
・We cannot take any responsibility about trouble, accident, theft, loss, injury between customers in venue.
・Please refrain from entrance that we take on drinking, alcohol on that day.
・We seem to take garbage home respectively, and I would like cooperation.
・Venue becomes the commercial facilities. A lot of customers who do not participate in event are broken. Please note.
・Please cooperate with space security for traffic.
・Please refrain from inquiry about contents of event to venue.
・We will prohibit annoying acts to sit-in and business store in hall firmly.

[inquiry about event]
■The SUPER FANTASY secretariat

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