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moenoazuki/new single "baibaichokoreitsu" Pretty Ash/1st single "identity" release memory combination event

2020.01.26 - 2020.01.26

The holding date and time: Sunday, January 26, 2020
 Part 1 15:00 START
 Part 2 17:00 START
Holding place: Terrace mall Matsudo 2F komorebi stage
Viewing: Flea
Contents: Mini-live & privilege society

[privilege society participation method]
※We give effective "privilege ticket" (for the number of purchase) to which made a reservation of product either target at venue special CD sale place from 14:00 on the day of the event by the first arrival only on event, date and time mentioned above.
※It is for handing over of privilege ticket in customers who made a reservation for the total amount deposit on the day of the event. In addition, we cannot accept over telephones.
※We distribute, and "privilege ticket" should be finished as soon as it reaches the planned number of sheets.
※In the case of receipt, it becomes handing over in VANDA RECORDS of terrace mall Matsudo shop 3F at store.
※The check becomes payment only for cash. Credit cards are not available. In addition, the point addition, various discount are inapplicable, too. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Correspondence by delivery is possible, too. We take postage 900 yen (tax-included) separately. Summary of delivery is possible and does not take delivery charges for addition only for making a reservation on the day.
As for the delivery, delay of around one week may be caused by various circumstances including weather.
Hold at store consists of sale dates until March 4, 2020 for a month. Thereafter, handing over may not be possible. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

[privilege society contents]
About privilege society contents, we announce in each official SNS or HP.

[target product]
◆ All 2 moenoazuki - Wednesday, February 5, 2020 release new single "baibaichokoreitsu"/forms
・ "baibaichokoreitsu" (board with DVD) [price: 1,818 yen + tax] [article number: POCS-1844] [JAN: 4988031370667]
・ "baibaichokoreitsu" [price: 1.182 yen + tax] [article number: POCS-1845] [JAN: 4988031370650]

◆ All 5 Pretty Ash - Tuesday, April 7, 2020 release 1st single "identity"/forms
・ "Identity" (board with DVD) [price: 1,818 yen + tax] [article number: BSPC-0053] [JAN: 4562412129855]
・ "Identity" (normal board A) [price: 1.182 yen + tax] [article number: BSPC-0054] [JAN: 4562412129862]
・ "Identity" (normal board B) [price: 1.182 yen + tax] [article number: BSPC-0055] [JAN: 4562412129879]
・ "Identity" (normal board C) [price: 1.182 yen + tax] [article number: BSPC-0056] [JAN: 4562412129886]
・ "Identity" (normal board D) [price: 1.182 yen + tax] [article number: BSPC-0057] [JAN: 4562412129893]

■When it is damaged loss or theft with "privilege ticket", reissue, please be careful as we do not do.
■Return of goods, refund except defective article of target product is not accepted.
■Due to weather, disaster, event of the day may be called off out of necessity.
■Please never do vigil around venue. Person who was considered that all-night may not participate in event. In addition, please do not make noise around venue. It causes event cancellation.
■When there are visitors more than capacity, we may change event contents in consideration of safety out of necessity.
■On account of the day, please note that you may change start time.
■Transportation expenses, the hotel charges to venue of customer burden. Condition does not change by any chance when event is called off.
■Please look after instructions of person in charge by all means inside and outside the venue. When we are not protected, not only we cannot participate in event, but also the event may be called off.
Sponsor, venue, performer does not take any responsibility on this occasion.
■As for accident, the theft that occurred inside and outside the venue, sponsor, venue, performer does not take any responsibility. Please manage valuables by each person.
■Please take garbage home by each person.
■We should prohibit camera, video camera, taking picture of Aristrist with cell-phones with camera, all acts of recording recording entirely.
When such an act is accepted, also, we may remove cancellation of event or leaving on the way and the confiscation and data when we cannot have according to instructions of person in charge.
■It should be prohibition to hand the person present or the letter directly. Hand present, letter to the staff.
■Person in charge touches shoulder or arm of customer, and this event may derive. Only person who can understand this thing, please participate.
※On the day, in venue, I would like understanding and cooperation for instructions from the staff.
On the day we may have cancellation of event or leaving when we cannot have according to instructions of the staff. Please participate after understanding beforehand.
We let temporary custody, one of baggage check of customer or the baggage cope at the time of entrance, meet-and-greet event and may do to plan safe administration.
In addition, such as hats is fogged, and may decline neck fall, wearing of all articles including thing and accessories and goods.
When it is judged that it is necessary, we may do security check. Please cooperate on this occasion to have you engage in instructions of person in charge.

Universal music customer service center
TEL: 0570-044-088 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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